Thoughts on the Art of Leadership
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Sunday, 23 September 2007



This section is a collection of random thoughts I've developed (and blatently stolen) over the years on the topic of "leadership"...

Some of the things I have come to believe about leadership include:


* Leadership is the art of engaging the followership

* Leaders are professional Decision Makers by trade: they are paid to make decisons

* Leaders have the confidence to make decisions with no more than 80% of the available data (the remaining 20% of the data will take 80% of the time)

* Leaders know when to hunt and when to farm

* Leaders work hard at catching someone doing something right

* Leaders have the courage to realize when they are "coaching for height" and take decisive action

* There's often quite a big difference between "management" and "leadership".

* Leaders reward

  • performance not attendance,
  • achievements not proposals,
  • risk-taking not risk-aversion,
  • initiative not arrogance

* Leaders seek alignment on the "what" and then allow their team to be the expert of the "how"

* Leaders sustainable weigh the "what" with the "how" as opposed to "the what at all costs"

* "first who, then what" can be a very powerful leadership tool 

* Leaders are paid to operate in the gray zone of seeking a balance between the needs of a company's employees, customers, and shareholders

* As a leader I believe that I am often the dumbest guy on my team 

* Leaders deliver all of the above within a context of integrity, respect, and above all humility, at all times

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